If you tell me to go to Hell, I’ll only ask if there is a bar in walking distance


I really have no specific plans. If someone tells me to go somewhere, I go. No one will ever send you somewhere bad.
My friend Sharyanne told me to go to Rombeau Provincial Park in Ontario. Her family had a home near here years ago and this is where they would go camping. She tells me her family came to this area from Alabama as either escaped or freed slaves so their masters would not reclaim them. I’m not sure of the exact story but roaming and data charges are so expensive here I’m not going to ask.
I can really sympathize with the escaped slaves because I too was unsatisfied with my career. The beach on Lake Erie is a great place for anyone to kick back, relax and plan their next move.
While this park is three times the price of any US National Park, I gladly paid as there are wonderful and clean bathrooms, showers and many other neat conveniences. I think it’s three times the price, I can’t be bothered to look at the exchange rate or care because it will make no difference in how I behave.
True to Canadian form, the nearest private property is a pub and it abuts the entrance gate.




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