Being awoken by a bear will be more pleasant


I stayed with mom on Strong Island last night. She wanted me to take her shopping as there is “no food in the house,” meaning there is only enough food for an abbreviated end-of-times. With the rain and wind from the remnants of hurricane Andrea, I told her we can’t go.
This morning she woke me up to say if I want breakfast, there is no fresh fruit or anything because we didn’t go shopping.

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2 thoughts on “Being awoken by a bear will be more pleasant

  1. I’ll start off by saying “It serves me right”. I am in Boston, staying with my mother, and placed a white plastic bag on the credenza in the kitchen. I showed her the bag and said “This stuff here is mine…” but before I could finish she interrupted me, annoyed, with “I’m not going to touch it”. “OK” I said. The bag was about 3 feet away from another white plastic bag where my mother keeps her recycling, so this is why I started off by saying “It serves me right”. OK, to make a long story short, the bag is gone. And I only discovered this after trash day. Inside was a small yellow notebook with phone numbers and all sorts of information that I may need, as well as my passport, and (at least I thought) the keys to a friend’s car, which this friend left for me to use while she is away for the summer. Fortunately I ascertained only this morning that I actually did not have the keys with me; I also ascertained that I had removed from the plastic bag an envelope with $2000 cash in it, so I guess I should be thankful. And, because it bears repeating, “It serves me right” because a number of years ago a similar thing happened, except that time it was the keys to my apartment in Rome, which I discovered that I did not have while waiting for a connecting flight in Zurich (my mother had taken them from my pile of belongings on the same hutch and moved them to her key rack).
    How are you? Mark

    • You wanted the bag to be thrown out. It’s like a bad sitcom. You could have left the bag a million other spots but you chose to place it next to a similar bag you knew was going to be thrown out. What were you thinking?
      I’m great. Your ass must have been burning because I am on the way up to J & G’s house. Hop in your friends car, grab the $2000 and come on over. You don’t need a passport for New York.

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