Are there moose in the Bronx?


I’m very excited about leaving NYC and camping in Michigan’s upper peninsula. My friend who is from Michigan warned me not to camp next to a moose or her babies, as if that’s how I pick campsites. She told me if I get near a moose calf, the mother will go all Bronx on me.
This reminded me of when my good friend and colleague Awilda was pissed with someone at work. She told me he better not mess with someone from the Bronx. I had to remind her that she grew up in rural Puerto Rico and the lower East side and just because she goes to Yankee games, she is not from the Bronx.

Photo credit: / Public Domain Mark 1.0

6 thoughts on “Are there moose in the Bronx?

  1. Ironically, I just started following your blog when you were back here in the city. I love it and look forward to your musings everyday, so remember: you have now assumed the responsibility to provide me with daily entertainment; I’ve gotten too used to it to go without.

    • I need to hit the road for the stories. Amazingly, the most exciting city in the world doesn’t get my creative juices going. The hijinks resumes tomorrow in beautiful upstate New York.

  2. My husband is from the Bronx, but you should not mess with him for other reasons. He has a degree in analytical philosophy, and if you pick a fight with him he will start to diagram what you are saying and point out all the flaws in logic (“Aristotle determined that argument by analogy is the weakest form of argument…”)

    • Your husband is a piece of work. When I saw him the other day, I offered him a glass of water. Then I apologized for my clothes because I just came from running. He kept on saying how shocked he was how nice and thoughtful I am now. I was a little confused so he explained how I used to be a real thoughtless jerk. Thank you, David!

  3. I feel fairly comfortable saying that you have never been trampled by a mom trying to protect her baby. I have it was a cow. Point of the story stay clear at the camp site, on the hiking trail or at the trailer park

    • Oh bruiser, I’m so sorry you went through that. But that explains why when we walk from the Pines to Cherry Grove on Fire Island through the connecting woods/meat rack, you walk so slowly and looked all over the place. You’ve been looking for mother moose.

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