NYC parking jackpot


In NYC you must move your car almost every day during the week to allow for street cleaning. You will be ticketed if you don’t move. Most streets have a few hours on Monday and Thursday for the left side of street when there is no parking allowed. On that same street on Tuesdays and Fridays, there is no parking allowed. So if you have a car but take the subway to work, it is impossible to comply with these regulations and you must get a garage.
Lucky me has no job and I scored with a parking spot in Brooklyn. I arrived on Saturday night and parked on the side of the street that is normally cleaned on Mondays but yesterday was a holiday so I was able to leave the car there. Tuesday is the other side of the street and Wednesday is the off day. I don’t have to move my car until 11:30 on Thursday! Being legally able to not move your car for 5 days is the unicorn of New York City parking.

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