Programming change


Unfortunately a friend is ill and had surgery so I will go back to NYC tomorrow to help. He’ll be fine I am sure but any surgery with a steep four floor walk up becomes a big deal. You really need your head to detach from your body for a NYC hospital to keep you more than an hour.
So tomorrow I will set the land speed record from Chicago to Brooklyn. You try using your Delta SkyMiles on a holiday weekend!
Don’t worry I’ll blog about my road tripping in NYC, which will consist of me changing parking spots everyday.
Tomorrow will be my personal Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit followed by Nurse Jackie.
Then it will be back to the Wisconsin and the Michigan upper peninsula part of our program.

Photo credit: minimalniemand / / CC BY-NC-SA

3 thoughts on “Programming change

    • All my friends have helped me a lot throughout the years. And I’ve been thinking it would be good to help people when I can and here is someone I know who needs it now and I’m not working.

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