Guess what Elie Wiesel hates more than Nazis?


My friend Monica scored me a ticket to listen to a conversation with Elie Wiesel, Auschwitz survivor, activist, philosopher and author of Night and nearly 60 other books.
It was all the usual, genocide is bad, violence is bad, hate is bad… Yes, Elie does not even hate the Nazis as he thinks is a poisonous emotion.
Then moderator David Axelrod (by the way, when did Obama’s campaign manager and MSNBC talking head become an academic?) asked Elie what he thought of the tone of American politics. He said he really doesn’t know and does not get politics. It’s all corrupt and he hates politics. So he does not hate Nazis but hates politics. Politicians, you have a lower likability rating than Nazis with an Auschwitz survivor.

2 thoughts on “Guess what Elie Wiesel hates more than Nazis?

  1. I once came back from Paris on a flight with Elie Wiesel. He was in first class though, and received other special handling. I bet he hates CDG airport security more than Nazis. I know I do.

    • Recently Post 9/11 and during SARS a female CDG security officer wearing a mask would not let me in until I gave her my phone number and promised her a date. I did. She has not called. Yet.

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