Darling, your motel is so mid-century modern!


Motel Somerset has been the best deal so far. A beautiful and well-kept motel in the middle of farm country in Somerset, Michigan. Plenty of lakes for me to practice fishing and trails for hiking. $50/night.
I love the absence of kitsch at this motel. Every other motel that is semi-decent and clean has doilies, carvings, and crocheted hanging messages of hope.
This morning I told the motel’s owner that I love the clean and simple retro motor court design of the rooms and the beautiful grounds. She told me it’s not retro, they bought high quality pieces over 40 years ago and have taken care of them.
I told her to advertise it in New York City as a mid-century modern motel and she’ll have gays banging her doors down no time.



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