My friend Tracey is trying to kill me


All the places she sends me are meat temples. I should have known as her site is called The Busy HEDONIST. I’m a 43 year old guy with borderline cholesterol and I’m on the same exercise and diet regime as truckers.
Today Tracey sent me to Saw’s BBQ in a bougie area of Birmingham, AL. I had a sampler of ribs, chicken and pork chop with deviled eggs on the side. The deviled eggs were tasty with lots of pimento but I wish they were not so cold. The ribs were the best part. Meaty, moist, falling off the bone with just the right sweetness, spice and vinegar. The chicken was dry and boring. It had a version of the white speckled sauce I see often “down here.” What is that? The pork chop was tasty but I was way too full and spice mouthed to fairly say. Everything comes with wonder bread and pickles so you can make a sammy.
Maybe I should challenge Tracey to find me a lesbian-owned vegan restaurant that specializes in local farm to table super foods. In Alabama. I know there are 34 of those on her block in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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