I can’t spell


And my grammar sucks. There, it’s out in the open. Well, it’s been out in the open because I’ve been writing every day for everyone to read. This morning I got a very nice comment from a Polish fashion blogger about all my errors. I think he was trying to help me but it just reminded me again that my whole life I’ve had trouble with spelling and grammar. I don’t know if it’s a learning disability but there’s definitely a disconnect between what I’m thinking and what I am writing. That can’t be an excuse anymore because I know if I proof and reread enough times I could fix things. I’m not going to do that though.

My whole life I’ve been frozen and have not put things out there because I knew they were not perfect. So now I’m just going to throw things out there and hope my other talents outshine my bad spelling and grammar.

You know that automatic signature many people have on their BlackBerrys, “please excuse all typos, I am writing this on my BlackBerry?” Imagine each of my posts have an automatic signature that says, “please excuse all typos, I’m too busy enjoying life.”

3 thoughts on “I can’t spell

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  2. Jennifer didn’t notice and she is pretty um, particular? Observant? I need to be careful in my descriptor because a) she reads your blog and b) she is my sister.

    • Oh, I’ve had friends directly tell me (early on, the posts are fine mostly) and I appreciate that. It’s only when Polish fashion bloggers comment about it and their comments are unintelligible.

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