I am all people talk about


Hiking was a disaster today because of that bitch Sandy. Trees down still and most trails closed.
So I figure the town’s best hamburger would be a nice consolation.
No sooner I sit down than everyone (the 6 other patrons) start saying that they could marry male relatives to secure family inheritance if there is gay marriage. I don’t really follow what they were saying but despite the financial advantage they perceive they don’t want people thinking they’re gay. I was ready for fight or flight. However, the burger was the best and once I started talking to everyone, I realized they are a smart and good natured bunch. Maybe it’s good everyone is having some discussion. No one was saying anything hateful and I don’t know how I would expect “the other side” not to have conversations. It’s just surprising to be able to hear them. Now I know, all straight guys talk about is gay stuff.

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