Morning commute



I don’t get all the kvetching over the new Cherokee design. It’s fun and has a front end high enough not to hit rocks. And nobody seems to care that there were dozens of other new designs that are truly are boring or ugly: Mirage, big dumb Fiat 500 (aka Mini Countryman), Toyota Everything, etc. Automobile

Know what makes it look better when you start to lose your headliner? A mustache. Autoblog

Two things. I can’t wait to get to Tennessee. And I would think you would need an automatic and to break the seatbelt law. Jalopnik

VW, GM called and wants its EV1 back. Motor Trend

Saw this documentary. Most shocking thing is not that her car was vandelized (horrible) but the negative reactions and lack of support by her circle of lesbian friends. The City Sentinal

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