Mom’s tip of the day


Getting a guest mom yesterday really lit a fire under my mother. Now she knows she has to come up with some content or I have my outsource moms in Bangalore standing by.
I was wrong, yesterday was not poker at the library but it was bingo at the park. Mom’s tip for today is on how to win bingo. She won and she won big yesterday, $18. At the Syosset Woodberry community park, that’s a windfall. Even Janina in New Hampshire heard about it because Diane called her with the big news.
I asked mom if she won because she bought a lot of cards. She said, no, only two. After two cards I can’t concentrate and I don’t go to play bingo to concentrate.

“My neighbor Phyllis bought four cards and she didn’t win a thing. After I won she asked me, Ronnie, how did you win by only playing with two cards? I told her I must’ve stepped in dog doo. Phyllis said her puppy is still untrained and there is dog doo all over her house. Well, I told her next time step in some of it and maybe you’ll win.”

If you want to win at bingo, step in dog doo.

Above is my mom with Hugh Downs after she won on the TV show community checkers. Not sure how she got on the show as a recent immigrant to the United States, but she was a receptionist at Grey advertising in the time of mad men. Being pretty and having connections certainly made landing in the USA easier for my mom than for most. She did say that Hugh Downs was rather nasty because he didn’t like that she was taller than him.

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