Daily Hot Rod


There are a few reasons why I picked this Honda Civic SI Coupe as the daily hot rod. First, the young men who were standing around it were eating some of the best chicken and rice in Queens. The white van circled in the background belongs to the falafel & shawarma king, winner of the vendee. An award for best street food vendor. Second, I was getting a little frustrated with the men because of their refusal to answer my questions about the car. Not that I’m a big star and people have to talk to me but I asked them if I could talk to them about the car and they said yes. They could not tell me the model year, how fun it was to drive, what they like best about it or anything. Finally, one of them told me it’s not their car, they are just trying to eat their lunch and they found a comfortable spot by the curb.
I do love the civic SI, it is Japan’s answer to the GTI. When my friend Sarah was looking for a new car she took it for a test drive. She told me, “it’s a little too fast and furious. I can’t listen to my car growling at me on my commute every day.”
So she went for the grown-up version of the civic SI, the Acura TSX with the manual transmission.
And if you want the best falafel and shawarma, you can find the King at the corner of Broadway and 30th St. right next to the bright red C town.

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