Daily Hot Rod: Then and Now



This makes two days in a row of Volkswagens for the daily hot rod. I often regret selling my 1987 VW GTI 16v but I was living in the city and didn’t have money for parking or insurance. Actually, I didn’t have money for many things. Every time I pass this new GTI near my apartment, I think I should try and find my old one. Or better yet buy the new one. What I’m trying to say is the GTI was and is one of the best cars ever. Inexpensive, well put together, fast, handles great, plenty of room inside, understated elegance (well, at least not flashy) and it lets people know that you enjoy driving.
Until recently, I was driving a 2003 GTI 1.8T. On my way to buy new tires for that GTI, I decided to use the tire money towards a new car. I’m not saying I had a midlife crisis on Queens Boulevard but at that moment I decided I needed an overpowered rearwheel-drive two-seat sports car.

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