Dress for success


I made a few mistakes the first day I went to the auto show trying to pass for press. Handing out home made business cards while dressed like a hipster farmer did not get me into as many doors as I wanted. I was trying to dress like a car guy, which I think of as a good ol’ boy. But now I know why cars are so expensive. Auto executives wear $5000 suits.
For the second day I dusted off the old Hugo Boss power suit and cleaned up the beard. What a difference. On the first day, security followed me around to make sure I was not stealing the knobs off the shifters. On the second day, auto execs were coming up to me to see what I needed. After the show I met some friends who are of color. When I told them that a white guy wearing a suit can pretty much go anywhere he wants unquestioned, they said, “Really, asshole? We did not know that.”
Pictured above is former UK prime minister what’s his name and myself at a work event years ago. He’s smiling because he’s thinking about the check he is getting for being there. I was not as happy because I suggested Stevie Nicks for the star appeal. She cost 20 times more then John Major.

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