The girls had a car Kiki last night


Tracy C and Laurie P joined me for dinner at Talde in Park Slope past night. I will just go quickly over the food because Tracy is an actual real food reviewer who has worked for the Boston Globe and now has her own great food site. For me the highlight was a Hawaiian bun with crispy fish. Imagine if a McDonald’s fillet of fish was actually great. Well, I do like the fillet o fish. But this was like a fillet o fish sprinkled with crack, THC, and MSG. So crispy on the outside and moist on the inside with wonderful ginger and pickled onions. Next time I go, I will simply order three of them, they come in threes-we shared, and a pint of beer and call it dinner. We also had the chow fun with the braised pork shank and the Korean fried chicken. I recommend chicken anytime it’s fried by a Korean and this was no different. I was not in love with the chow fun noodles as they are more crispy then I like but the pork shank part of the dish was worth it alone. Who needs noodles, I say just have all pork shank. The other standout was the special spicy Brussel sprouts. The staff couldn’t have been nicer and the very light corner spot they have on 7th Avenue is a easy place to spend time.


Of course, with a couple girls the talk turned to cars. Laurie is shopping around for a new car and she’s having a tough time deciding between a Subaru Impreza or a VW GTI. She lives in a hilly and snowy part of New Hampshire so I told her the answer is clear. Do NOT get the Subaru Impreza with four-wheel-drive, get the GTI and throw some snow tires on it. Do you want to be just another New Englander driving a Subaru? With a Subaru you will just blend in with the lefty North easterners or lesbians. But when a girl drives a GTI, it looks like she’s driving her boyfriend’s car. Her Guido boyfriend.

6 thoughts on “The girls had a car Kiki last night

  1. your account is so funny. who knew we’d chat about cars so much? I loved that Dale brought out our brussels sprouts, cute chef that he is. We must go back, when you’re back from your around the country trip.

  2. Well, I think I’m going with the Subaru Impreza Sport, but after nailing down a price at the dealer the other day I mentioned that the last thing I planned to do before making up my mind was to drive a VW GTI. Turns out there was a gray 2012 with plaid interior and 24,000 miles on the lot. A guy had just traded it for a BRZ. I want it.

    • The GTI or the BRZ? If you are going to drive the car for 10 years, you want something fun and that’s the GTI. The BRZ happens to be the only Subaru with rearwheel drive. Probably not best for you even with snow tires. Go with your heart.

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