Daily Hot Rod


How did this happen? It was the early 90s, that’s how. Pictured are my sister with her new 1991 white Nissan 240sx and her best friend Lisa and her new 1991 black Nissan 240sx. The outfits are not on purpose, they only ever wore black with some white. Unfortunately, the hair is on purpose. I think Lisa was trying to be as tall as my sister.
These were both rare LE additions. Meaning they came with leathah and a sunroof. Really great cars though, nicely balanced. Both were manual transmissions with rearwheel drive and super fun to fling around.
I took these pictures around the old Post cereal family mansion in Syosset. When they could no longer afford the taxes, the Posts donated the land and everything to the town and it became our park.


2 thoughts on “Daily Hot Rod

  1. As you have always enjoyed the fact that the 80’s/early90’s were a great source for your comedic outlet, I must admit we may have been typical “JAP’s from Lawngisland, is that so wrawng?” I believe as Mom and the boys are giving you great material for this ever evolving/interesting blog, my friends and I gave you the material for your “one night only” LI appearance at a comedy club xxx-years ago. I sat in the back listening to you thank me for being there since if you were performing in the city, “my hair would never have made it through the mid-town tunnel.”

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