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This is a very special cross over episode of mom’s tip of the day and Passover. It is very difficult to make matzoh balls during Passover that are not as hard as hockey pucks because you’re not allowed to use anything to make the matzoh balls rise such as yeast. But my mothers matzoh balls are perfect and she lets people know that she uses seltzer so the bubbles make everything lighter and fluffier. What she doesn’t mention is that she also uses yeast or whatever contraband to help them rise so her matzoh balls are in fact not kosher for Passover. She says it’s her sin so no one else needs to worry about it.
It’s like when she got a good deal on burial plots for her Jewish father in law and non-Jewish mother-in-law at a Jewish cemetery. Only Jews can be buried in a Jewish cemetery. When the rabbi questioned her by saying, “So a woman named Florence Mae Lewis who was born in Wales is Jewish?” Mom just said she converted, we lost the papers, Don’t worry about it.

Mom’s other Passover tip is sending her son to stand in line at Russ and Daughters on the lower east side to buy most of the side dishes.

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s tip of the day

  1. Very funny blog!!! I hope not too many people see it. Your mother, the sinner didn’t do everything Kosher. I promise not to tell anyone, it you don’t. Ada just walked in., Love Mom

  2. Jeff your mom is awesome! My tip is to empty the bottles of baron herzog and refill with your favorite Chateauneuf de Pape…no one at the table is any wiser, and you have a joyful Seder meal!!

    • Lisa, I know you. And I know the type of friends you have. They know the difference between Baron Herzog and Chateauneuf de Pape. But I do believe no one will say a word.

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