Daily Hot Rod


My 14 year old nephews Jason and Nick were kind enough to submit this 1978 Cadillac Eldorado for today’s hot rod. They say it’s the original motor. For those of you who have had 1970s general motors cars that are over 30 years old, you know this is a small miracle. The boys mentioned that Japanese people let them take the picture. I don’t know if that means Japanese people own the car or there were just huge crowds of Japanese people taking pictures and my nephews were able to squeeze in.
I really wanted one of these for my first car. Or an Oldsmobile Toronado or Buick Riviera, which share the same front drive platform. For some reason at 17 years old I thought that platform had it all. It was huge, gorgeous, luxurious, and practical. It had a huge one ton motor over the front drive wheels so I knew it would be good in snow and rain. I was a weird 17-year-old.



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