That’s a cannon, I’m not happy to see you

Having a Cher moment on Christmas Day 2015 at Bennett Park. Jesus wept.

In the above picture, I look like a Nicki Minaj/lumberjack minotaur. Which I’m kind of into. 

Now that the weight is coming off more slowly, I’m trying to focus on improvements to my fitness. When I visited friends in Washington Heights on Christmas Day, I found a set of 141 steps leading up from Overlook Terrace to Fort Washington Avenue at 187th Street. Just climbing them slowly, once, I was a sweaty sorry mess.

Since then I’ve been thinking how fun the steps would be as a workout. Yesterday I finally did it, running up and down 10 times. 

Between squats and stairclimbing, I hope to keep some junk in my hatchback and avoid the curse of skinny Jewish chicken legs that resemble white asparagus with a flat/concave Welsh ass. Big butts were not evolutionary advantageous in the coal mines.

This set of stairs in Washington Heights is perfect if you like the outdoors and wildlife. Problem is, the wildlife is the smell of rotting pigeon and rat corpses. 

So the search is on for fun outdoor stairs in NYC with less stench of death. Let me know if you have any suggestions.



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