Michael Vick will convince the Jets to use Centerplate catering


Working in crisis communications, I used to joke that my biggest nightmare would be our CEO kicking a puppy. The CEO of Centerplate actually kicked a puppy and the dumb dumb did it on an elevator [Link to CNBC story]. Has Solange taught us nothing about surveillance cameras and kicking things in elevators!

Desmond Hague, the puppy kicking douche tool, “resigned” today. Centerplate is an industrial caterer, hot dogs and fries at major league ball parks. The company’s board first tried to placate the outraged masses by saying he would do community service, donate money to animal causes and go on corporate probation. The board and the crisis communications team should be kicked in an elevator. Stupid.

What the video does not show is Mr. Hague walking out of the elevator and stealing a child’s lollypop, not putting his bottles in the proper recycling receptacles and then botching Joan River’s endoscopy.


Photo credit: sylvar / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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