Queens is where all the honest people live


I was feeling a little down today. It’s back to steaming garbage New York City summer hot, I threw my back out, my dog could be thinner and I’m not sure where my career is headed. Then I received this note with my lost wallet in the mail.
My wallet left me a couple weeks ago in Astoria Park, either when I was changing into running short shorts or while I was hanging upside down from the monkey bars.
There was $37 cash in the wallet originally. It was returned to me with $34.32 and a US Post Office receipt for the $2.68.
I’m going to call both the people involved in returning my wallet. They should know that it’s important to return wallets immediately. Within hours of the wallet going AWOL, I had new credit cards and a drivers license. A lot of extra work on my part could’ve been avoided if they would’ve been on the ball.


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