I went about it all wrong


I tried to get Nissan to buy into Steintrek. They were very nice but I think my subject matter was sometimes too outre (slutty gay) for them. Having a blast and driving around in the United States in one of Nissan’s sportier offerings was not enough. I never really captured their attention.
This Orlando filmmaker nailed it. He made a brilliant parody of pretentious luxury car ads to sell his piece of shit 17-year-old Nissan Maxima GLE. Now, I’ve seen what Florida can do to a person but didn’t know that State was able to age a car more quickly.
Since he posted the video, Nissan has bought his Maxima and started a social media campaign on what to do with the car next. Restore it? Pimp it? Blow it up? The Wounded Warrior Project will get some cash too because corporations can’t do anything fun without feeling guilty.
What I love about this is the filmmaker, Luke Aker, was just having fun and geeking out making the video. He wasn’t trying to be the next grumpy cat, he just wanted to play with all his camera equipment and unload his “crappy car.”

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