I’ve got to get out of here

I was not cut out to be one of those Jewish gay sons who lives with his mother but here I am until she recuperates a little more.
It’s nearly impossible to meet and bring back tricks in the senior community. I mean, there are barely any older men alive in this place let alone a hot young gay scene.
So there we were watching The Biggest Loser last night, because Bingo had just finished, when mom said, “Look at those fat people, taking off their shirts before they go on the scale. Like that’s their problem. How much can those shirts weigh?”
To keep some conversation going I told mom how trainer Bob Harper has recently come out as gay but it was not really a big secret.
Mom: “I’m shocked.”
Me: “Really, you could not tell he was was gay by listening to him?”
Mom: “No. Was I supposed to know that you were gay by listening to you?”
Me: “Yes. Most people do.”


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