I have never been so full

If you fight with your friends because you want soul food for brunch but they want Swedish food, there’s a solution. Red Rooster in Harlem.
This is Marcus Samuelsson‘s place. Ethiopian born, Sweden raised and New York living, he mixes all up here in his big, bright, musical joint.
The mac’n’cheese and the Swedish meatballs were good but the dishes that made my eyes pop out were the deviled eggs and the corn bread with tomato sauce.
On Sunday – maybe other days for all I know – there is live music, usually an older black woman giving some smooth jazz. The atmosphere, especially with the music and candles, made it super cozy as snow flakes came down on Lenox Avenue.
It makes us white people feel really really real to be in Harlem, listening to jazz. It’s like NPR has come to life.



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