I can die now

I can die now because Morgan Fairchild‘s eyes have laid upon one of my @steintrek tweets. And she retweeted it! Morgan Fairchild’s diamond ring covered fingers with long blood red nails pressed “retweet!”
That’s the amazing thing about social media. A lowly peon like myself can connect with a goddess like Morgan Fairchild.
Somehow she and one of the stars of the show Hoarders had come together so of course I nearly plotzed. Hoarders was one of my shows until it was recently canceled. It was total superiority TV. I would sit back and think, I don’t have my dead girlfriend’s remains in my refrigerator. Or, I don’t have three dead cats in my sock drawer.
Hoarders wasn’t about people who were messy or lazy, they each had a serious mental illness. There was no reasoning with them. If you asked why they need three dead cats in their sock drawer, they were quick to let you know they can use those dead cats in their crafting projects and just because other people are wasteful with their cat corpses does not mean they are.
Morgan Fairchild could’ve retired on her Love Boat and Falcon Crest money but she’s decided to use her glamour for AIDS charities, rescuing animals, disaster relief and social activism. Some people are just better on the inside and the outside than you and me.


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