The moment you realize something extra is in your sandwich

First off, I tested every filter and tried to make this crabcake sandwich and cup of clam chowder look as disgusting as possible. Martha Stewart is getting a lot of flak for her food tweets. I bow down to her because she managed to make delicious dishes look like gaping wounds. I cannot even manage to get clam chowder, which looks like vomit from the get-go, to look bad.
Lunch ended up being my one Virginia moment because I passed through that State like someone was chasing me. There’s a crab and burger joint bizarrely on the middle of the causeway going across Chesapeake Bay.
All was going well with my crab cake sandwich until I bit into something that would not give and then squirted at me. In my mind, I quickly went through the list of foods that should squirt at you and crabcakes are not one of them. Fortunately it was just a lemon wedge, not an undead she-crab as I imagined.
I told the waitress I do like lemon but I think having it in the middle of the sandwich is really weird. She said, “Oh my gosh, that’s where your lemon wedge went.”




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