Beware pedicures

I don’t know why most men do not go for pedicures. They’re not terribly expensive yet they feel fantastic and it turns cruddy feet into beauties.
Well, there is one downside. I’m sure the pedicurist wasn’t trying to kill me but all the skin softening moisturizer they used was reactivated when I took a late night shower. Boom!
I’m staying with my friend Sarah and even with her headphones on she heard the thud and felt the shutter of 220 pounds of man meat hitting the ground.
I hit my left rib cage on the side of the tub and my foot flew up into the faucet, which busted open the skin.
Sarah ran into the bathroom with a look of horror. I’m not sure what was scariest to her. Seeing all the blood and me on the floor, thinking that I might sue her or seeing 220 pounds of naked man meat.
It was a frightening moment but Sarah bandaged me up, I considered myself lucky and went to bed.
The next day, limping around and aching, I remembered I pay a lot for COBRA health care insurance. I took myself to the urgent care in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and found out I have a hairline fracture of a rib. The foot is simply banged up. Nothing really to do for either of them except take super prescription Tylenol.
The pedicure was a real double edged sword. I would not have been at the urgent care if my feet were not so slippery from the pedicure but I was pleased the doctor, the nurse and the x-ray technician got to see how lovely my feet are.

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