Oh no, I shouldnt

I’ve been treating myself well in Spokane. The past three nights have been at the fancy and hopping Davenport Towers smack in the center of town. With the right deal, it costs the same as the Holiday Inn four miles out of town. The benefit of a Holiday Inn would be a Buffalo Wild Wings in the parking lot.
I tried the Dabenport’s $18 prix fixe three course menu last night. The Caesar salad starter was my favorite, made with real anchovies and not goopy. The butter soaked croutons were unsurprisingly awesome. The teriyaki salmon was tasty but overcooked. A real no no in the Pacific Northwest. It does come with tasty sticky white/herbed rice and aldenté green beens.
For dessert I was already practicing my, “Oh no, I shouldn’t” face while patting my full tummy. I ordered the chocolate peanut butter pie, promising myself to only have two or three bites. It came in a fucking shot glass. I ate the whole damned thing. No box.


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