That awkward stage when your friends’ parents are more fit than you

When I spoke to my mother yesterday, she said she might walk the 50 yards to the clubhouse to play bingo if it’s not too hot. Well, somebody’s going to get a smack and a new training regimen when I get back to New York.
My friend Anna set me up with her in-laws while in Spokane.
This morning, Anna’s fun mother-in-law, Sheila, took me on a 10 mile hike up and down Mt. Kit Carson in Spokane. The only reason she had trepidation about the hike is she does not want to use up her legs before their 200 mile bike ride between Seattle and Portland this Saturday. The 200 miles must be done in one day.
I think I have discovered the secret of Sheila and her husband Paul’s vigor. They eat a lot of fresh salmon. Last night Paul barbecued the best salmon I’ve ever eaten, ruby red steaks of Copper River Salmon. Omega 3’s. While on the hike today, every time we passed ripe huckleberries, Sheila would grab some. Antioxidants. And they drink a lot of Washington wine. Something to look forward to every day.
Now excuse me while I call and yell at my lazy ass teetotaling mother.



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