Idaho? Check


I apologize for my attempt at drawing a potato on the Idaho license plate. I know it looks like a turd.

When we last checked in with our hero he was in Montana. Now I’m in Spokane, Washington. I didn’t skip Idaho, I simply made it a really intense and special experience.
I arrived in Bonners Ferry last night and stayed at the local casino. It seems every town out west has a casino. Lots of old people smoking and using oxygen masks at the same time. Not wanting to be a part of an old gambling addict explosion, I went to where the young’uns go, the local brewery. Another thing every town has today is a brewery. That’s why there has been such an advance in LGBT rights. All the white straight guys are brewing beer or drinking beer and can’t be bothered with putting up a fuss anymore.
That’s where I met Matt (read while fluttering your eyelashes). There was the prettiest little bartender who he was trying to hit on. While he was doing that I was trying to hit on him. It reminded me of that picture of the small fish swimming away from a bigger fish that was about to be eaten by an even bigger fish.
Matt runs the zip line at a nearby ski resort, Schweitzer Mountain. He told me I should go zip lining. When a really cute twentysomething says I should do something in order to see him again, I put on my harness.




6 thoughts on “Idaho? Check

    • Loved it. Now I need to find the world’s biggest zip line because it goes by too fast. But it’s a lot of trust you put in those people hanging you out on a wire.

    • Nothing. He does not know he’s gay yet. I need to put him back in the ground and let him ripen. In two years I’ll ski Idaho and see if he’s ready yet.

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