But what if they approach me?

It’s my pheromones. Animals really like me. Maybe there should be a sign for the bison not to approach Jeff.
I was driving through North Dakota’s spectacular Painted Canyon yesterday and I spotted two bison a few hundred yards away. I got out of the car with binoculars and watched them roll in the dirt and play for a bit. After a while, I realized I lost sight of one of the bison. He was only 100 yards away when I spotted him. He was not coming for me but he really wanted to get onto the road and I was in the way. I got in the car and told my Nissan, sorry if he rams you but better you than me. My Geico auto insurance is more comprehensive than my COBRA health insurance.
I backed it up and let him pass. Problem was he started using the road to walk. I did not know the etiquette, if you pass a bison on the left, slowly, as fast as you can…





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