My hero


My friend Gareth tells me hiking in Europe is much more sophisticated because there are pubs every few feet on the trails. Yesterday I discovered my first on-trail brewery, Tahquamenon Brewery. It is privately owned in the middle of a State forest. The owners had sold/donated land to Michigan so that’s how this is possible.
Here’s the problem. After a few beers and some great smoked whitefish, I did not feel like hitting the trail for the five return miles in the dark and mud. Fortunately, I met Hendrik. Originally from South Africa, now living in Michigan, he’s on his own personal journey. The really good news for me is that his Buell sports bike could take an extra person. We made the five miles in a couple of minutes.
I’m beginning to believe there is a slew of middle aged men cruising around this country on motorcycles and in sports cars. It would be great to organize a Million Midlife Crisis Man March on Washington and demand… Well, I don’t know what we would demand or want, that’s our problem.


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