A fancy shmancy night out


After a few days of camping I like to spend the night in a motel, use a real mattress and scrape some of the dirt off. Last night I passed a quaint looking motel, the Rapid River. A few hundred yards later the ghost of Patrick Swayze took over my body and stomped on my brakes. It was The Roadhouse. Pictured below without all the pick-up trucks and motorcycles there last night.
I went back to the Rapid River Motel, took a room for 60 bucks, then went right to The Roadhouse. The most friendly bartender, waitress and barflies I’ve met on the trip.
This is a must stop place because I’ve had one of the best hamburgers of my trip here. They make their own savory patties, cook it nice and rare, and it comes with the most wonderfully thin long-sliced home-made sour pickles and, of course, red onions and steak tomatoes. The onion rings were also the best of the trip. The great meal plus a few beers were 25 bucks all said. That with my 60 bucks hotel, $85. Not free but I can’t go to the corner deli in New York City for less than $85 let alone have dinner, a night out and clean comfortable room.


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