How to take something wholesome and make it dirty


The Ford family clearly had buckets of money. For the land around the Henry Ford Museum, they didn’t simply make an old timey village, they somehow bought and imported nearly 100 historically significant structures to create Greenfield Village. Thomas Edison’s lab from New Jersey. Robert Frost’s home. George Washington Carver’s home. And on and off.
On a nice day, it’s a beautiful walk and you could ride in a Model T. I was surprised to find very good food at the Eagle Tavern, which prepares food according to recipes from the 1840s and 50s. The trout with the black-eyed peas was delicious. Even the beer is brewed in the style of that time so they do not use modern carbonation. Tasted like a nice Sam Adams Summer ale to me.
But this is what I saw.

Nice parking job, idiot.

Can you have one of the young men here pack that for me?


Um, the string is not attached to a camera if you look closely.

Tourist trap. You can do that at home for free.

2 thoughts on “How to take something wholesome and make it dirty

    • I’m sure you were going to do that whether you read my blog or not. I can’t believe I’m the only one that thinks that when looking at that sign.

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