Want to see a Friendly’s waitress suppress a laugh?


Seneca Lake, NY

One of my favorite regional chains is Friendly’s. Because I need to shift a few pounds to fit more easily into my car seat, I had a turkey burger on a whole wheat roll with sour kraut and ketchup, the sad fat man’s Reuben. Normally I would have the fried clam strips or a lobster roll followed by a Happy Ending. It’s a tall delicious treat topped with cream.
A 92 year old woman with a cane pushed her 101 year old friend in a wheelchair and took the booth next to mine. The waitress asked, what would you “girls” like. The young one asked earnestly, “How old must you be to order from the senior menu?”
The waitress bit her tongue, smiled and to be kind told them/lied that they need to be 50. The girls both smiled and clapped when they found out they are allowed. Senior meals come with a free sundae so I’ll be back tonight with my grey wig.



2 thoughts on “Want to see a Friendly’s waitress suppress a laugh?

    • Interesting. Canadians call “sprinkles” Jimmies? Glad you told me before I went around somewhere here and used the word sprinkles and made a fool of myself.

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