My job here is done


One week ago, my friend could not sit up in his hospital bed without jamming on the morphine button and wincing in pain. He also could not eat anything spicier than an over boiled noodle.
Today, he was able to climb a steep 15 foot library ladder to access the roof and enjoy a pinwheel of pork, parsley and cheese sausage from M&S meats in Park Slope with tzatziki I made with plenty of raw garlic.
I’ve done nothing of course except be the fun friend who could do a little heavy lifting while his wife works full time, manages his care full-time and does all of the logistics and unimaginable things that I thought you needed to go to medical school to do. I now know what it’s like to be a divorced Disney dad.
I am so happy to say this, it looks like they don’t need me much longer. I will spend Friday night over on Long Island with my mother who now has only two days to make my favorite dishes, (Ma, would it kill you to make me fish pie, stuffed cabbage and beef stroganoff more than once every 10 years? But of course I’ll have to be happy with whatever you make.), then I will leave at the crack of 11 AM on Saturday for Michigan.




5 thoughts on “My job here is done

    • Having your husband over was our excuse to go up. By the way, after a glass of wine David invited me to stay over at your place for as long as I want. I like my eggs sunny side up.

  1. You are a good man. Jeffrey! Enjoy the evening with your mom. I look forward to reading more about you travels when you hit the road again!

  2. Jeffrey, the description of the connected states is contiguous not contagious. I love your blog. If you return to visit I will make fish pie. Your mom’s friend, Monica

    • Darn voice recognition software. But I just used the men’s room at the campsite and contagious might be more appropriate. We will definitely see each other at some point.

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