No wonder women are always exhausted


Today the feminist/humanist calendar says to list positives about ourselves to celebrate the end of this month. “Let’s list at least four ways we have been good to ourselves this month, such as eating regularly, getting some exercise, getting enough sleep at least one night a week, we’re doing at least one thing we didn’t have to do that we really enjoyed.”

Getting enough sleep only one night a week is a goal? That sounds like being in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp. And you have to think about one thing that you did that you didn’t have to do but you enjoyed? Men are different or I’m just selfish. I’m always doing things that I enjoy. I sleep enough at night and I sleep enough during my nap. I guess that’s why women are so tired, they are picking up our slack.

4 thoughts on “No wonder women are always exhausted

  1. there is a mild schoolmarmish tone to this as if to suggest “of course you are doing too much, that’s what women are supposed to do.”

    I want to have a checklist that involved how many soaks in the bathtub, how many glasses of Chardonnay, and whether I had completed all the articles in this week’s New York Review of Books, preferably with a Venn diagram to document the intersection of all of these activities.

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