Leg one complete


Brooklyn bound. I left Chicago around 6pm Central time yesterday and at midnight in Eastern Ohio I pulled into a service area to nap. Then I figured, why not sleep in the car and save money. Why not? Because my car is made for the opposite of sleeping. After 15 minutes I pulled two muscles, hit my head, bruised both knees on the dash, and jammed the hand brake into my love handle. My iPhone told me there was a Holiday Inn four miles away. That’s where I slept.

Amazingly I have stuck to what I planned as the first leg of my journey. A little less Gulf Coast and more St. Louis and Chicago but pretty close. Next leg to start in a week to 10 days. I miss leg one already and will blog about bits I initially skipped, such as the best drink bottles to pee in while driving. And a friend suggested I write more about romance in a shadow blog for adults called Steintrek After Dark.


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