Finally, normal food


After nearly six weeks of BBQ, burger joints, freeze dried camping pellets and bacteria buffets, I finally had a proper five hour feast of regular and delicious food: crepes/blini filled with roe, home cured salmon, tongue, two types of cabbage salad, beat salad, cucumber salad, herring, pickled watermelon and celery, pickled everything, gefilte fish, cherry glazed duck, eggplant caviar, kale salad, and a dozen other things that I will have for breakfast tomorrow.
Today is my cousin Yuri’s birthday and the Russians threw down. Two friends played Russian folk music throughout the night until they switched to Brazilian bossa nova. I kept requesting Sunrise, Sunset and they kept telling me that’s not a Russian song.
Pictured above left to right are my cousins Liya, 14 year old and 6’2″ Daniel, and Mariya.

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