I think I know the problem


In Rockville I passed an out of business Dodge boutique, Jacks & Jacks. The small inventory was all over the place. A 50s Chevy Fleetmaster (sounds like an extra strength enema), a 20’s Dodge Pickup, an 80s Dodge 0mni, a Vespa, and a toy Dodge Viper.

Customer: I’m looking for a family car.

Jacks: The Fleetmaster is just the thing.

Customer: It’s bigger than my house and over 60 years old.

Jacks: I see, you’re looking for new and a little smaller. The Omni fits the bill.

Customer: It’s 30 years old and I would not have bought an Omni even when it was new. I think I’m going.

Jacks: Fine but your not going to find anything better out there.

Enter the creditors who also refused the Omni.



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