This could be my last transmission for a a while


Just in case Bell Smith Springs in Shawnee National Forest does not have cell reception. It’s absolutely gorgeous here but this is the most in the middle of nowhere that I have camped so far. The nearest town is Vienna, IL. Damn! I think I just saw a bobcat while I was writing this. Unless it’s something else. What animal looks like a very large cat that’s light brown with a short white tail. It was not a bunny.
There’s about 5 miles of unpaved rutted road to get in and out of here so I won’t be making trips to civilization. It’s still a better road than the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

One thought on “This could be my last transmission for a a while

  1. In MO they call those gravel roads. Large, light brown animal with a white tail – I’m guessing a deer. 😉

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