Smoked out


Got up early this morning and left Gloria’s house like a domestic violence victim. I like Gloria and the dogs and she’s very interesting to talk to but I cannot stand the constant smoke.
Next time I put an ad in the paper for lodging for work, I will make sure to include “no fats, femmes or smokers.”
Plus, try as I might to do things she doesn’t really need anyone to do anything for her. Besides mowing the lawn, she has friends doing the rest for her. I’m pretty sure she just wanted companionship but she’s dying and she’s not going to take me down with her. I know that sounds cold but that’s the way it is. I told her I’ll come back in a few days after I’m done camping, and things dry out a bit, to mow the front and backyards and I’ll bring her a carton of Pall Mall long menthols.

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