Totally my fault

Yes I know I should not expect a lot from a Ruby Tuesday but this place is as quiet as a LGBTQ meeting at a synagogue in Jonesboro, Arkansas. First, I had to make my own guacamole. Somebody brought me a plate with what I assumed to be an avocado someone punched out of anger. I found salsa under a wilted lettuce leaf, added salt and pepper then squeezed the lemon from my water over the mess.
The entire place is staff and me and the staff has been sitting together for a while just looking at their phones. I was a teenager with lousy jobs too but we knew how to hide our effing off. We put some work into it. Kids today.

6 thoughts on “Totally my fault

    • I wasn’t going to done and dash. Although I’m sure I could out run all of those lazy fat asses. For the beer and guacamole it was Arkansas prices, like six dollars. And I tipped 10%.

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