Mom’s tip of the day


Congregation Beth El in Birmingham, AL

Mom was very excited to hear I am in Nashville. Growing up in China and Japan the only radio they received was American Armed Forces and back then it was mostly old-school country. When I was a teenager, I noticed mom got most of her news from the country music network.

She asked about my next stop and I told her Alabama. “Oh, don’t go there, you’re a Jew boy.”
I let her know it’s too late as I’ve been there at least 10 times already and that she is the only person I ever heard use the phrase, “Jew boy.” Between visiting friends in Georgia and the FloriBama area of Destin for vacations, Alabama has happened to me. I like it.

Then I asked her if she knew that the godfather of the Corvette was a Russian Jew. She did not but said she was not at all surprised.

Photo credit: / / CC BY-NC

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