I love McDonald’s and so do the Amish


I was about to write post about how delicious, economical and reasonably healthy it can be and then one of my favorite things wakled in, an Amish!
I’m going to try and capture a picture without him noticing because they feel pictures are vain. They must also think Big Macs are delicious. I hope they only speak some ancient dialect of German and not English because I’m using my voice command to type this and I’m speaking out loud. He could be Mennonite but I’ll take what I can get.

Back to McDonald’s. Small fries, a good sized salad and a delicious fillet o fish with a Coke Zero and a coffee, all for seven dollars. And you don’t need to use all the dressing on the salad so I got away with a big delicious lunch for around 600 calories. The Amish kid is up to 1700 calories but I’m guessing he does a lot more manual labor than I do.


UPDATE: He is Amish! His Mennonite friend is helping him drive a new buggy he just built to the family that had it commissioned. That’s pretty fucking Amish.


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