If you’re ever in West Virginia go to Pennsylvania


Yesterday morning in Morgantown, WV, my cousins wanted to take me to one of their great finds, a bakery/cafe about 15 minutes away. With horror, we passed a welcome to Pennsylvania sign. I felt like the Gilligans Island crew when they thought they’ve made it off the island then spot land and when they make shore they realize they’re back on Gilligans Island. I am trying to go south!

Well worth the detour for the special salt rising bread. I don’t know the exact science behind it but the bakery uses an ancient method, which involves a dough bath and bacteria and they do not use commercial yeast. So for all you ladies who love your bread but hate your yeast infections, check it out! It was really delicious with a light and pleasant cheesy flavor. I ate mine by dipping it in what they call tomato gravy but I call tomato bisque.

It was the Rising Creek Café in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania.


2 thoughts on “If you’re ever in West Virginia go to Pennsylvania

    • I knew YOU would like it. But the term salt rising comes from the pioneer women keeping the bread rising agent culture in their salt boxes. Fear not, it still has a savory and cheesy taste.

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