10 thoughts on “This is why I am doing this

    • Yes. And for some reason you felt bad. I remember when we had possums living in the college house and every night one would come into my room to chew through my electric blanket cord. It didn’t end well for him.

  1. I felt bad because Mike said it looked like a “u”. Seems to me that I remember it being rats in the house. Hungry ones I think.

    • We were messy but we did not have rats! I know it’s not thrilling to have possums but they’re marsupials so you could think of them as Koala bears. Oh, you ran over a Koala bear.

  2. Ask la juice about a raccon we called a “paper bag or something”. Goes back to Camp Wes. It also involved what could have been a Chevy Nova or a far less interesting domestic vehicle. M

  3. We also wontonly murdered a shopping cart for a film projectwith the 1975 silver ford Granada aka the wildebeast aka CO2 central, not like the climate kind but the inside the car i feel dizzy and might have to throw up kind.

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