I am boring


I just checked into a Holiday Inn Express and I think it is beautiful. I was going to do the Americana motor court thing because they’re cheaper and more real. But I didn’t sleep last night because cheap and real are not comfortable. Best part is the American Mountain Theater is steps away and I’ve been saying I should go to the theater more.
I’m going to use the pool. I’m going to use the gym. I’m going to eat the free breakfast. And I’m going to use the business center to print something out even though I have nothing to print.
The hotel is in the center of Elkins, West Virginia and it is a truly beautiful small town. Nap then explore. Rinse and repeat.

2 thoughts on “I am boring

  1. Way to go exploranator! I am sure you can print coupons for a near by walmart or some such if nothing else. And kudus for making it all the way to W virginney although I doubt locals call it that.
    Maxine (my bowling name)

    • The Walmart is 1 mile away and I just came from there. Doesn’t hurt to compare prices on camping accessories. I’ll ask people tonight what they do in West Virginny and see if I don’t get punched.

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