What the hell have I done?!


The title of this post is how I answered a friend who asked if I was anxious about the trip. I can’t believe this is happening. When I said I wanted to do this and I’m going to do this I had no idea it would come to pass. I don’t know what I thought. Perhaps time would stop and I would get to listen to friends tell me how amazing and brave I am for eternity without ever having to go anywhere?
The doubts crept in Friday while I was driving in a freezing and heavy rain followed by a very unpleasant stomach virus. I thought to myself, thank God I’m not sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods. Then I became overwhelmed with the idea of readying my apartment for the person who will stay during my trip. Apparently one month, with not working and not having all that much to do, wasn’t enough time to tidy up and pack up a few things out of a one bedroom apartment. I’m leaving it furnished and everything in it, all I had to do was clean out my clothes and put away all the tchotchkes. I’ll do that today.
Now the sun is shining again and my health has returned. I had also reread Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck to get myself in the road tripping mood.
My blogging style and timing will change now. I will post more towards evening to wrap up my, hopefully adventurous, day. I will use Twitter even more for photos and immediate updates. You can follow me @Steintrek.
First stop tomorrow is Watchung, New Jersey where my friend Susan will cook me up a manly brunch. Don’t forget, Jack Kerouac started his On the Road adventures in New Jersey so this is legit. I’m not comparing myself to Jack Kerouac. I like to drive and I own a car. Plus I’m not traveling with a bunch of meth heads.
By evening the plan is to be in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Take me home, Mountain Mama. Take me home.

Photo credit: Raymond Larose / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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